Maximize Your Operational Efficiency

With the HavenGuide autonomous system, you can maximize your operational efficiency and take back your time: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Use this time to focus on important things. HavenGuide is a patent-pending technology that transforms electrical vehicles into fully-autonomous, safe, cloud-connected machines.

How It Works

At Havenshine, we re-imagined what professional landscaping should be like. From the very first moment on the worksite to the last moment, our goal is to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Map your worksite by simply mowing it or by defining virtual boundaries

The map is saved with incredible precision, meaning you can use this map thousands of times in future runs.

The next time you come to the worksite, simply press "Start" and let HavenGuide do the rest

The HavenGuide autonomous system will automatically recognize the worksite and mow it autonomously with the push of a button.




Cost Efficient


Cloud connected


Accurate and Precise

Does Our Future Depend on Successful Implementation of Autonomous Systems?

We live in a world where mower accidents are the cause of serious injuries; a world where, in some states, gardening equipment generates as much toxic pollution as all the cars combined; a world where many industries, such as landscaping services, face a labor shortage.

We deserve a safe and clean planet where technology like HavenGuide reduces accidents and toxic emissions while also saving valuable time and money.

Havenshine presents HavenGuide - a patent-pending autonomous system for off-road electrical vehicles.

Professional Landscaping Partnerships

Havenshine is running a white-glove pilot program in 2021 with a limited number of beta customers. To qualify for the beta program, your company must operate in the Greater Chicago Area and own (or be willing to purchase) commercial-grade electrical lawnmower(s). If you are interested in becoming an early adopter of autonomous lawn care technology, join us today!

Havenshine is also taking pre-orders for 2022. We work directly with leading electrical mower manufacturers on fully integrated solutions. Contact us today to secure your pre-order.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Partnerships

Havenshine works closely leading manufacturers of electrical commercial-grade lawnmowers and other equipment.

HavenGuide is a plug-and-play automation solution for OEM integration. Havenshine works with OEMs on meeting the required safety certifications and customizing HavenGuide for the specific applications.


If your company is building an off-road electrical vehicle and is ready to take advantage of the autonomy revolution, reach out to us today.

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