HavenGuide Autonomous System

HavenGuide is an autonomous system for off-road electrical vehicles.

It consists of safety systems, navigation systems, user interface, mobile apps, and a cloud platform.

Safety Systems

What makes a machine truly autonomous is its safety. A safe machine does not require constant supervision and allows personnel to focus on other important tasks at the worksite.

At Havenshine, we believe safety is the key to successful implementation of autonomy in the "real world" where adults, children, and animals may be present. We approach safety with the understanding that different sensors have known and unknown failure modes. To guarantee safe autonomous operation, we use a combination of optical and sonar sensors to provide several redundant safeguards with statistically independent failure modes.
Our safety systems cover 360 degree view around the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle always stops, even when someone approaches it from the back. We work closely with our OEM partners on meeting various standards such as ANSI/OPEI 60335-2 and related ISO safety certifications.


We continuously evaluate new sensors and systems to improve the quality of detection while minimizing false positives.


Navigation Systems

HavenGuide’s patent-pending algorithm combines the latest developments in satellite-based positioning, inertial measurement, and machine vision to generate a model that is continuously calibrated to account for changing landscape and inaccuracies of localization components. HavenGuide does not rely on buried wires, beacons, or worksite specific tags. It localizes itself using satellites, surrounding features, and unique patterns detected on the lawn. HavenGuide is incredibly precise. In most situations, it can control a machine with an accuracy of just 2 inches, creating perfectly straight lines with small overlap. The small overlap helps the machine run faster and finish the job quicker than an average human.

Large Lawn

Connectivity Platform

HavenGuide’s secure cloud management platform allows you to manage your connected machine through a mobile app or through your desktop computer.

You can view a list of worksites, a list of vehicles, and historical runs at each worksite.

Additionally, you can get valuable insight on the efficiency of your operations using HavenGuide analytics.

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