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Efficient, safe, sustainable.

Our autonomous solution consists of precision navigation systems,  advanced path planning software, safety systems, user interface, and a cloud platform.

Safety is our Top Priority

At Havenshine Technologies, we believe safety is the key to successful implementation of commercial-grade autonomous lawnmowers. We approach safety with the understanding that different sensors have known and unknown failure modes.

We integrate sensors with statistically independent failure modes such as LiDARs, cameras, and touch-sensitive bumpers. We also rely on a safety-rated wireless emergency-stop switch to ensure that the autonomous mowers are always properly supervised.

As a member of US TAG to ISO TC23 SC13 safety certification drafting committee, we keep up to date with the latest industry standards. Our ultimate goal is eliminate all mower-related injuries and property damage.

Industry-leading Navigation Quality

We utilize patent-pending algorithm combines the latest developments in satellite-based positioning to generate a model that is continuously calibrated to account for various worksites and machine dynamics. Our technology does not rely on buried wires, beacons, or worksite specific tags. In most cases, the large commercial mower can navigate with an accuracy of just 2" inches at 6mph.

Predict. Monitor. Analyze.
From all your devices.

Manage your connected fleet through a mobile app or desktop computer.

You can view a list of worksites and historical runs at each worksite. Additionally, you can get valuable insight on the efficiency of your operations using advanced analytics.

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