Precision Guidance System for Autonomous Off-Road Vehicles

HavenGuide adds 21st-century autonomous-navigation-capabilities to commercial mowers, fertilizer machines, and agricultural tractors.

Autonomous & Cost-Effective

Safe for Employees & Community

Smart, Efficient, & Cloud-Connected

While some tasks are meant for humans, other tasks are best performed by machines.

HavenGuide in Landscaping

HavenGuide adds 21st-century autonomous navigation capabilities to lawnmowers, fertilizer machines, and tractors. Its patent-pending algorithm combines the latest developments in satellite-based positioning and machine vision to generate a model that is continuously calibrated to account for changing landscape and inaccuracies of localization components. This allows HavenGuide to work on large featureless fields and in deep shade.
HavenGuide does not rely on buried wires, beacons, or worksite specific tags. It localizes itself using satellites, surrounding features, and unique patterns detected on the lawn. HavenGuide is incredibly precise. In most situations, it can control a machine with an average accuracy of 5cm, creating perfectly straight lines.
HavenGuide helps landscapers increase efficiency by 100%. While HavenGuide is mowing the lawn, modern landscapers can perform other tasks at the worksite such as trimming, mulching, planting trees, planting flowers, or building hardscapes. By taking the human off a stand-on lawnmower, the machine becomes lighter, more energy-efficient, and safer. One landscaper can lightly supervise several machines while performing other tasks at the worksite.
HavenGuide was developed by professional engineers in North America to help address the landscaping industry labor shortage, serious injuries, and high workers-comp costs. HavenGuide presents professional landscapers the opportunity to increase their workforce and place new bids for larger jobs.

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