High-Speed Angular-Domain-Analysis-Module with Customizable Algorithm

For powertrain research & development, real-time in-cylinder combustion analysis, and rapid prototyping.


High-speed sampling up to 20,000 RPM.


18-bit ADC resolution with -10V to +10V range.

Universally Compatible

Works with most engines, motors, cranks, cams, and encoder patterns.


Angular analysis algorithm is open and modifiable.


Capable of cycle-to-cycle closed-loop control.

Angular Domain Analysis Module (ADAM) analyzes data from rotating engines, motors, and wheels. After synchronizing with the engine, ADAM records data simultaneously from up to 8 input channels and transforms data into angular domain using interpolative sampling. ADAM does not require expensive lab-grade encoders or trigger signals. ADAM analyzes the data in real-time and analysis results are made available on CAN 2.0 bus and on Ethernet TCP connection within less than 5 milliseconds. These results can then used by a connected ECU for closed-loop cycle-to-cycle combustion feedback control. The results of the analysis are also displayed on a connected PC and can be recorded into a CSV file for post-processing. ADAM also supports recording the raw data points in both the time domain and in the angular domain.

Research Uses cases:

  • Engine fuel economy optimization and emissions control

  • Engine performance optimization for racing applications

  • Combustion, injection current, and air-system visualization/real-time analysis

  • Cycle-to-cycle closed-loop control of injection timing and quantity

  • Cycle-to-cycle closed-loop control of spark-plug timing

  • Knock control and misfire detection strategy development

  • Electrical motor/wheel vibration analysis and torsional analysis

  • Electrical motor AC current visualization and analysis

ADAM Features:


ADAM PC-Side Software

Dr. Antowan Zyada, PhD, Combustion Development Engineer


Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc

"We needed a way to integrate high crank angle resolution cylinder pressure data acquisition with our prototype ECU and Havenshine delivered the ADAM platform. ADAM is a highly effective and easy to use DAQ tool that enabled us to customize the heat release analysis and use that to build other custom algorithms around it. It is very powerful diagnostic tool and we look forward to using it a lot more in future."


  • 0.5° resolution up to 4,100 RPM

  • 1.0° resolution up to 8,200 RPM

  • 2.4° resolution up to 20,000 RPM

  • 8 input channels at 50kS/s



Mid Speed

  • 0.1° resolution up to 3,300 RPM

  • 0.5° resolution up to 16,500 RPM

  • 0.6° resolution up to 20,000 RPM

  • 8 input channels at 200kS/s



High Speed

Customize ADAM:

Whether your application requires additional I/O interfaces or custom application code, our engineering team is here to help.




One Year Warranty

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Team behind ADAM

ADAM was built through a partnership between Havenshine Inc. and WM International Engineering (WMI).

Havenshine's software engineering expertise, combined with WMI's deep industry knowledge, presented the perfect chance to built the best product available on the market. ADAM is designed and assembled in the USA. Our teams stand behind the quality of this product.

For more information on the story behind ADAM, read the ADAM Release Newsletter.

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